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Twinspires betting

twinspires betting

Additionally, using a fully twinxpires and free betting tips site like TwinSpires ensures that, regardless of the method chosen, your money is secure and protected. Looking for your state? Back To Top.


TwinSpires Racing Roundtable - ep. #29 - 02.20.24

Twinspires betting -

TVG was founded back in as a cable television network dedicated to horse racing. Viewers could call in and place their bets over the phone, before watching the races play out in real-time. TVGs affiliation with Churchill Downs came to an end in , before being sold to the milton-national betting giant Flutter Entertainment in Flutter went about consolidating its position by purchasing competitors including HRTV and absorbing them into the TVG package.

It was that split between TVG and Churchill Downs Limited in that led to the creation of what would soon become the sites biggest rival: TwinSpires.

TwinSpires was created as the first official betting site for Churchill Downs, designed to help the long-established betting company make the transition into the online world. In contrast to both TVG and TwinSpites, BetAmerica offers a variety of other gambling services in addition to betting on horse racing.

There is a BetAmerica sportsbook that offers betting on sports, slots, and other online casino games, video poker, and more. This combination of services makes BetAmerica rather more like a modern multi-faceted betting company — in the mold of DraftKings , FanDuel , or Caesars Sportsbook — albeit one with a particular focus on horse racing.

DraftKings vs FanDuel — Which DFS Site Is Better? What Are Key Numbers in Sports Betting? Betting on horse racing is legal in the majority of US states, with most of them also allowing online wagering.

However, there are exceptions. As with other types of gambling in the US, horse racing is largely under the jurisdiction of state laws — meaning each state can determine whether betting on horses is legal and what form it should take. This also means that states are free to outlaw the practice, which some have chosen to do.

Unlike regular sports betting, which was federally outlawed from in every single US state apart from Nevada, horse racing has consistently remained an active part of US life for centuries. Modern horse racing is still largely governed by the Interstate Horse Racing Act of , which allowed tracks to broadcast their races to other states and accept bets from residents there, as long as racing is legal in each state.

This can be seen as a proto-version of what modern horse racing apps like TVG, BetAmerica, and TwinSpires do: connecting people and letting them bet on races from the US and around the world, no matter where they are.

Since the removal of PASPA in May , attitudes to gambling around the US have been slowly changing. As more states liberalize their gambling laws, sports betting and gambling on horses and dogs are becoming increasingly accepted as part of everyday life for lots of people.

While generally speaking the three sites have similar availability across the US, there are exceptions.

BetAmerica for example is not currently available in Arizona , even though the others are. On the other hand, it is currently the only one of the three accepting customers in Maine.

Making sure you can legally play from your home state is the first step to choosing which platform to use. Below you can see the full availability of each site in every US state.

Each of the three sites offers betting on tracks both in the US and from around the world. TVG and TwinSpires both advertise as hosting over different tracks, while BetAmerica advertises There are largely similar betting options at all three sites. When you place a bet, it is directly linked to the pari-mutuel pools at the track, meaning you have access to all the same markets on the site as if you were there at the track.

Each of the three also has its own versions of user guides, handicapping options both free and paid services , form guides, news, calendars and results, live streaming, and more. These are the similarities, but we want to use this section to dig into the areas that make each of the three stands out.

As well as live feeds and highlights from the majority of TVG tracks such as Monmouth Park , the site also has two dedicated channels — TVG and TVG2.

The content includes not only live races but analysis, background, handicapping shows, and more. TVG has a blog, updated very regularly, with various articles that range from news and features on horse and tracks to picks for upcoming races.

There is also a TVG podcast to keep you up to date on all the latest news from the world of horse racing, published wherever you normally get your podcasts. Rather than purely a platform for betting, TVG has successfully styled itself as the best place to go simply to stay on top of the latest horse racing news, for interesting content as well as placing your bets.

The site employs statistical modeling to predict the future performance of horses, which informs the handicapping services hosted on TVG. TwinSpires is similarly detailed to TVG, with lots of quirks and special features beyond the standard betting options.

The love of horse racing and the willingness to go in-depth is really in evidence across the site. Check out the special pages on iconic races like the Kentucky Derby , Breeders Cup , or the Belmont Stakes , featuring info, highlights, and famous horses from over the years. TwinSpires has even produced a full-color magazine — downloadable from the site in PDF form — on past Triple Crown winners.

While you can watch the races live as they happen in full screen, there is also an option to minimize the video and pin it, so that you can continue browsing the site while keeping one eye on the action.

The Google Maps track feature is great, where you can see all the tracks pinned on a map. Click on one to see details of upcoming meets, and zoom in to a satellite image of the track itself. The site has also done a good job of getting creative with bets. Basically, the feature enables you to place bets with your friends who also have TwinSpires accounts.

You can split up the action any way you want so you all win together. Unlike TVG and TwinSpires, BetAmerica is so much more than just an online horse racing site. Instead, the company has designs on being a one-stop-shop for all online gambling, from sports betting to casino games.

The sportsbook and casino games are all designed similarly to the racebook too and have similar banking options where possible. BetAmerica is very beginner-friendly. Placing bets is easy and you are less likely to be overwhelmed by information. There are also fun new betting variations — like the handicapping tournaments that let you compete against other bettors.

Bonuses — and in particular welcome bonuses — are a big consideration when choosing to sign up with a betting site, whether a racebook or a sportsbook. All of TwinSpires, BetAmerica, and TVG have special bonuses for new members, as well as various degrees of on-running promotions.

For some of the promotions, a bonus code or promo code will be required to unlock them, but lots are just credited to your account automatically. Once you bet them and win, the winnings are yours to keep. Often they will be topical — something like your money back if your pick finishes second at an upcoming meet or enhanced odds on multi-bets.

Then there are offers that TVG just creates to keep players engaged, regardless of upcoming races. Things like reload bonuses on a specific day, pick insurance, or even free play events where you can win real money.

Again there is a good mix of on-running promotions, plus a sign-up bonus for new members. Rather than being based on your first deposit, you unlock bonus cash the more you bet over the first 30 days of creating an account.

TwinSpires does have excellent topical promotions depending on what races are next on the calendar. Generally, the on-running promotions are not quite as extensive as those at TVG, but still very good. Sign-up with TwinSpires here.

Perhaps unsurprisingly since BetAmerica is also owned by CDL, the owners of TwinsSpires, the bonuses are similar at both sites. In longevity terms, BetAmerica in its current form is the youngest of the three sites, having been purchased by Churchill Downs Limited in This is occasionally in evidence in different forms of the platform.

There are intermittent offers, but on-running promotions is the one area that BetAmerica can look to catch up on its competitors in. However, BetAmerica is the only one of the three with sister sports betting and casino sites, which come with a whole host of bonuses of their own.

If these other types of gambling appeal to you, BetAmerica has bonuses up your street. They all function in largely the same way: the more you bet the more loyalty points you earn, which can be traded in for various rewards or benefits.

As is often the case with rewards programs, in each case their value is generally weighted in favor of higher frequency and high-limit players. A menu bar at the top of the homepage contains a variety of links to different sections of the site.

At every site, the majority of the page is taken up with info about the races, which are divided up into different sections. If you select a bet, it gets added to your bet slip.

At TVG, the BetSlip is hidden but pops up when you make a selection, while at the other two sites it is fixed on the right-hand side of the screen. Both sites are easy to navigate around, and the information is clearly presented.

Some sections of the site are strangely underpopulated for example as if half-finished. The structure and usability of the apps generally follows the desktop sites, with all the information neatly packaged on the small screen using hidden menus and touch screen technology.

Practically anything you can do on the desktop site you can also do on the apps, including live streaming. TVG just has one page of information to fill out, while TwinSpires and BetAmerica are split into three separate sections.

If necessary after all that, you may need to provide four digits from your SSN, which is used to verify your identity. Each registration process also contains a space for you to type in a bonus code, which can be used to unlock a welcome bonus.

For any service that you are trusting with your own money, safe and convenient banking options are hugely important. Lots of bettors are only in a position to use one specific banking method, so for them finding a racebook that accepts that method is a deal-breaker.

Of the three sites, TwinSpires has the most deposit options, with TVG marginally behind. BetAmerica has a good selection of options, but fewer than the other two sites.

Below you can see all the supported payment types, for both deposits and withdrawals , for TwinSpires, BetAmerica, and TVG. As you can see, fees attached to the different methods vary, but free deposits and withdrawals are available at every site.

Processing times also vary depending on the method. Most deposits are processed instantly, while the fastest withdrawal methods tend to be ACH transfers or via PayPal , normally within 24 hours. Each of the three sites brings a lot to the table, and the truth is the best one to choose really all depends on the bettor.

We asked our experts to create their best pitches for each of TVG, TwinSpires, and BetAmerica. TVG is the betting site for true horse racing fanatics.

Instead, TVG brings a holistic approach to horse racing, combining the ability to bet with an all-purpose site featuring live streams, chat shows, handicapping, guides, blogs, analysis and more. While the other two sites also provide the above to varying degrees, neither of them do to the extent of TVG.

Bets are easy to place, and the additional information provided for every track and meet is excellent. TVG currently has in our opinion the most valuable welcome bonus of the three, and also the largest number of on-running promotions when your experts checked it out.

The ability to both download and withdraw via Visa debit card is a great feature, and one which is very rare among gambling sites of any description. If you want a site that covers just about everything and comes fully loaded with high-quality streaming shows and expert opinion, TVG is your site.

TwinSpires is every bit the equal of TVG in terms of betting options and comes fully loaded with a host of design features that make the site very easy and fun to use — from the ability to pin a live stream while you browse to the Google Map which displays all the tracks hosted on the site.

We love the historical content TwinSpires, about past horses and famous races at iconic tracks. It creates a welcoming atmosphere, of inviting new players into the world of horse racing where they can learn and participate at the same time.

Novel ways to bet, like BetShare which lets you split up bets with your friends, also reinforces the sense of fun and creativity. TwinSpires has the most deposit options, including payment methods that neither of the other two sites accepts like Online Bill Pay and Moneygram.

The on-running promotions are excellent — valuable, creative, and plentiful. Overall, this is a betting site with no weaknesses: modern, usable software, tons of betting options, great bonuses and banking, and a love for horse racing in evidence at every turn.

BetAmerica is the first choice for gambling fans who want to dip their toe into the world of horse racing. Unlike either TVG or TwinSpires, BetAmerica combines horse racing with general sports betting , casino games, and even internet poker.

The advantage of using just one site for basically all your online gambling needs is significant. While not as minutely detailed as TVG or TwinSpires, BetAmerica is easy to use and places a premium on the fun.

This app is constantly buggy. They bring a new feature online and it stops 2 or 3 other features from functioning. And with the addition of the upgrades you are constantly trying to figure out how to use it. It can be very annoying. You would think before you bring feature online.

It would be tested and working. Absolutely not the case here. Other mobile horse betting apps out there that seem to be much more reliable and easier to use. Churchill Downs Technology Initiatives Company. Thanks for your feedback. To assure you get the best app experience we do recommend that you update to the latest operating system on your phone.

Please reach out to us directly at VOC twinspires. com so that we can help rectify the issues you've identified. It's that time again - trying to look at horse stats for the Derby but continually getting errors on the app.

I've missed critical bets due to connection issues. This has happened for years. Developers - please scrap the existing app and start over. It won't even navigate to a log in screen. We have a high standard of quality here at TwinSpires and we would like to help in getting your issue resolved.

If you are still experiencing these issues please reach out to us directly at android-feedback twinspires. com or by phone so that we can assist you further. Stick to using the online platform. The switching between drop downs is annoying and then while trying to scroll up or down the page it starts scrolling left and right through the races and you're back to square one.

This app is a nightmare. I give it 3 stars for the video feed but that's it. We are really sorry for the trouble and we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

We have since addressed the scrolling issue by adding a setting in preferences to disable the swipe gesture on the race program.

Simply navigate to 'Account' in the hamburger menu, select 'Preferences' and disable the Swipe Gesture setting. We've squashed some bugs and made performance improvements. flag Flag as inappropriate. public Website.

TwinSpires twiinspires online casino games for money of the online casino games for money well-known twinspjres for twinspires betting because of its long history in the Kentucky horse race free betting tips industry. It's bettng fitting that TwinSpires is bettinv dominant force in the tqinspires state of flashscore tips sure prediction most famous horse race in the world. Use the offer code BET during the registration process to claim this fantastic offer, and place your first bet today! For more offers, check out the latest Kentucky sportsbook promo codes now available! Horse racing in Kentucky has come a long way since the first Kentucky Derby was held in This timeline tracks the most significant developments for TwinSpires Racebook and Churchill Downs over the years:. The TwinSpires Kentucky Offer Code is BET twinspires betting

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