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Formula betting -

Over then next nine months, there are plenty of ways to add to the excitement with wagers on Formula 1 racing. Here's how Formula 1 betting works:. Formula 1 odds and motorsports odds as a whole work similarly to a moneyline in NFL or NBA odds. There are moneyline odds for the race winner, pole position, and other for each Grand Prix event as well as the championship winner.

Here are the odds for the Formula 1 drivers championship from BetMGM's Formula 1 odds :. As an example, Verstappen is to win the title. Moneyline odds are available for the race winner, pole position winner, driver with the fastest lap of the race, and podium finishers.

This setup means you can build a same race parlay similar to an NFL same game parlay. As an example, you can parlay a Verstappen win and pole position as well as a podium finish for another driver. Jackpot Slots. Sports Betting. Betting Sites. New Betting Sites.

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The Best Formula 1 Manufacturers Formula 1 has the highest speeds, fastest laps and most focused teams in motorsport: nothing goes faster on a race track than a Formula 1 car. F1 Betting Markets Some of the most popular Formula 1 betting markets include: -Drivers' Championship Winner: Who will earn the most points in a season?

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