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You ohline check free online casino demo slot machines from the greatest software developers in the industry below:. Versuchen Sie es erneut. Non-Essentiels Activé Désactivé.


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At Kazino Igri, you can do anything: try your luck on your favorite slot machine, play card games, or practice your strategies and train your knowledge. And you don't have to pay anything! Casino Igri only offers free games! We, at Kazino Igri, strongly believe in offering a transparent, reliable, trustworthy experience to keep you coming back and playing again.

Each of our free casino games and their random number generators are independently tested to ensure fairness to the highest industry standards. This means you can expect a completely random outcome when spinning the wheel, rolling the dice or dealing the cards in a game that is safe, secure and rewarding every time you play.

All this, plus a wide selection of completely free online casino games with promotions for new and existing players. There are so many reasons why you should choose Kazino Igri — from our huge selection of free casino games, to the personalized experience we offer through our innovative platform.

Play online casino with Kazino Igri where you will find many free casino games for all players. You can check out what's on offer in our selection of table games, start spinning your favorite slots, try your luck at roulette, join our video poker tables to play against other live players, or test and improve your gambling skills against the computer.

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Nowadays, more and more gambling fans prefer to enjoy their favorite pastime from the comfort of their own home rather than in physical casinos.

Betting sites offer numerous initial bonuses and rewards, as well as an extremely rich product catalog of games, among which you can choose your favorite.

There are also usually thousands of free demos available that you can practice on before committing to real money. In online casinos, you can find thousands of games, among which you can choose the most suitable ones that fully suit your own preferences and taste.

You can also research in advance which games have a higher rate of return on the bet, try different demo versions to understand the strategies and mechanics of the game, and only then proceed to bet real money.

In the following lines, we, at Kazino Igri, will introduce you to the most popular types, among which you can choose your favorite! Може да проучите предварително и кои игри са с по-висок процент на възвръщаемост на залога, да изпробвате различни демо версии, за да разберете стратегиите и механизмът на играта и чак тогава да пристъпите към залагане на истински пари.

В следващите редове ние, от Kazino Igri, ще ви запознаем с най-популярните видове, сред които да изберете своята любима! The word "gamble" comes from Arabic, where "al zahar" means "dice", and in English "hazard" is "risk" and "chance". Gambling has been very popular since ancient times! Uncertainty, adrenaline and the possibility of various big wins or other prizes with smaller stakes have attracted people since about 3, BC, and archaeologists have found dice with an estimated age of over 40, years!

Great civilizations such as Egypt and Ancient China, which is considered to be the originator of modern gambling, organized games in which they bet their money, houses, wives, slaves, years of their lives and even parts of their bodies in games of dice, bones and stones!

Ancient peoples used all kinds of means for games - animal bones, tiles, precious metals, etc. It is believed that the oldest game of chance, popular since the time of the siege of Troy, is the roll of dice.

And according to the Indians, the games were invented by the gods. The popularity of gambling spread throughout Europe with the help of traveling salesmen, and in one of the most popular Italian cities - Venice, in the first casino appeared, the success of which was guaranteed because at the same time the famous carnival!

Before the opening of the Cazino di Venezia, people organized illegal betting, bass and other games that the authorities could control. However, even this gambling hall closes after less than years, because it is considered one of the main factors in the impoverishment of the population!

Subsequently, a massive opening of casinos began across Europe, with one of the most popular gambling halls in Monte Carlo opening in Thus, the gambling industry developed everywhere around the world, and casino owners were constantly looking for ways to increase their profits and cheat the players.

Roulette quickly replaced dice games. At first, gambling was thought to be a pastime only for the wealthy, as they used casinos for dancing, but they were also the perfect place to spend some of the large sums of money they had at their disposal.

This idea started from the modern casinos in Vegas, which is still considered the gambling capital. But today, everyone has access to gambling halls, and this stereotype has almost completely disappeared. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has never played any such game. And with the advent of online casinos 25 years ago, everyone has access to the addictive gambling games.

It can be said that today online casinos are even more popular and preferred option than physical ones, as the convenience of betting and winning directly from the comfort of your home is unmatched!

Las Vegas is definitely the first place that pops into most people's mind when they hear the word "casino" or "gambling". It is not by chance that it is called the "Mecca of Gambling", as there are some of the largest, most modern, expensive, luxurious and huge gaming halls.

Funny how this town in the Nevada desert is becoming the capital of gambling, isn't it? Las Vegas is literally an oasis in the desert, which got its name way back in translated from Spanish it means "meadows". It was even Mexican territory at the time. Although it was discovered by accident, it offered very good living conditions and received its city status in , being a small town and an intermediate stop between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Before gambling began in Vegas, the area was famous among gold prospectors and there were many mines there. In fact, it all started with the workers who built railroads, but to diversify the work process, they played various games, bets, drank and had fun.

This lifestyle quickly became very popular and attracted many people who wanted to feel the feeling of adrenaline and depravity, so much so that between and gambling in Nevada was outlawed!

In fact, it has been banned and re-legalized numerous times throughout the history of the state and city. But in doing so, the number of illegal casinos and places, such as bars and restaurants, where people gathered to gamble increased significantly.

Cheap electricity from the hydroelectric power plant at the Hoover Dam being built nearby further helped Sin City's development and modern appearance, and workers often hopped there to relax after work. In , gambling was finally legalized and the real history of Vegas began!

After the authorities saw that they would not be able to cope with illegal gambling, in the Golden Gate opened - the first legal casino in Vegas, Vegas Strips with many different slots, as well as the first hotel complex El Rancho Vegas, which, in addition to gambling, also offered various types of sports.

These are some of the first legal gambling halls, thanks to which Las Vegas became so popular and attracts millions of tourists to this day!

Many celebrities visited Vegas regularly, as well as had performances there, which further stimulated the influx of tourists. And Vegas had also become a favorite place for members of the mafia, each of whom sought to build the best gambling hall, through which, in addition to earning more money, they could also launder the huge sums that had been illegally acquired so far.

A military base was also opened in , and the military insisted that prostitution be banned. But this does not stop the mobsters from developing Sin City and their business, taking advantage of the huge potential of the place and the idea.

The first casino-hotel - "Flamingo" - was opened in Vegas developed so quickly that in an airport was opened to provide easier access for tourists to entertainment.

Howard Hughes is the main businessman to whom the modern look and feel of Sin City is due. Thanks to him, the atmosphere of Vegas turns from cowboy to luxurious. For this purpose, the opening of many huge complexes with shops, entertainment activities and restaurants to absorb the huge flow of tourists and also to entertain and entertain them, thus earning a lot of money, also helps.

They had increasingly high standards and a polished appearance. The first "all inclusive" hotel was "International" - the largest hotel in the world at that time!

Various themed hotels are also opening their doors - Roman, Greek, Italian, to immerse tourists in an authentic atmosphere while enjoying the City of Sin. And in , Casino Mega Resort opened its doors, which was the largest and most modern to date. Card poker games were very popular, and the annual tournament held in Vegas contributed greatly to this goal.

Thanks to him, the best card players from all over the world gathered in one place to show their skills. The first world tournament was held in , and since then, with the introduction of new rules, the game of poker has become more of a competition than a chance to win money.

And since , the state of Nevada began collecting taxes from gambling. In order to protect their businesses and reduce the risk of gambling being banned again, a Gaming Control Board and a Black Book of names of players who will not be allowed in the gaming halls are being established.

The entire gambling industry subsequently developed on this principle. To this day, the city is a filming location for many movies, and tourists visit it with the idea that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Sin City is popular not only for its casinos, but also for its buildings of different styles that give you the opportunity to feel like you are on a world trip while walking through the streets of the pearl of Nevada. The first betting slot machine is believed to have been manufactured by Sittman and Pitt in in New York.

It contained 5 reels and 50 cards, among which players could find winning poker combinations by pulling the handle. Many owners of bars and restaurants wanted to get hold of her, as they could easily manipulate her and increase their profits.

And the rewards for the players were not monetary. These took the form of a free drink, cigars or cigarettes, depending on what the location of the machine had available. And this was quite a good way of additional income for its owners.

The first rotary machine named "Liberty Bell" was created by the mechanic Charles Fay and has 3 reels and different symbols - a spade, a horseshoe, a diamond, a heart and the liberty bell, after which the whole machine is named. The top prize for hitting three bells was 50 cents.

The unique thing about this slot machine was that it offered the option to pay out the winnings automatically, which no other machine had done before.

The original machine is kept in Reno, Nevada. Subsequently, numerous manufacturers stole, copied and improved his idea, since he did not patent it, and thus appeared the machines that are still found in casinos today. The principle of operation of the rotary machines is usually the same - on several metal hoops in the metal machine, called drums, the designated symbols are drawn.

The lever handle spins the reels when you pull it, and the symbols gradually reduce their speed and stop moving. Then you also understand whether you are winning or not. In the beginning, the prizes were free drinks and cigarettes, fruit candies, and later money.

As technology improves, so do new colors and sounds. The next major step in the development of the casino industry is the introduction of the ever so popular fruit slot machines. This happened in , thanks to Herbert Mills - an inventor of slot machines from Chicago.

Thanks to him, the so-called "Operator bell" - the first machine with a BAR symbol - the brand of candy that has been the typical prize for a slot win until now. The main idea of fruit slots is to bypass legal restrictions — for example, when you hit several identical fruit symbols, the prize was the corresponding fruit.

To this day, watermelon, grapes, orange, lemon, prune and banana are mainly used. An advanced machine with the possibility of paying out winnings is also the first fully electromechanical slot machine "Money Honey" from It marked the beginning of the field of development of electronic slot machines, and in the first was tested at the Hilton Hotel in Vegas video machine manufactured by Fortune Coin Co, with a inch Sony display.

This marked the beginning of the digitalization of the casino industry. After the introduction of the video slot machine "Money Honey", where the screen replaces the real reel, the computer begins to determine the winning algorithms, its payout and when the machine stops spinning, thus making the slots equally fair for all players.

With the introduction of electronic machines, there is also information about the return rate RTP of each of them, the ability to choose your bet and number of lines, interesting designs, sounds, colors, etc.

In short, gambling becomes even more interesting and attractive. Thanks to the digitization of gambling games, online casinos also emerged, and this development began in parallel with the advancement of the Internet since the s.

Thanks to these two machines, slots become the most popular machines in casinos. The first online casino software developed in by Microgaming pioneered the online gambling industry.

Roulette, blackjack and slot machines are the main games in online casinos, with new ones appearing all the time. Today, the assortment of gambling games in the online space is extremely rich, with all players having a choice of thousands depending on their personal preferences.

Although there are more than 10, such, casino games are generally divided into several types depending on their mechanism of action. Slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and bingo are the most popular of these, as they are suitable for both beginners and advanced players, and their principle of operation is easy to understand.

Whichever game you choose, we at Kazino Igri recommend you start with its free demo version until you build your strategy and are fully aware of how it works.

After that, you can safely bet a real amount of money, which with a certain amount of luck and your newly acquired skills, you can increase many times over! You already know that slot machines, also known as "slot games", are the first gambling machines invented.

However, they are just as popular online, where there are hundreds of varieties with a variety of symbols, sounds and graphics to choose from. Slots and blackjack were the first games available in online casinos. The invention of 'Money Honey' - the first electronic slot machine, marked the beginning of the development of this type of machine.

Players no longer had to pull a handle to spin the symbol reel. Everything happened with the help of a button. The next step is the appearance of the video slots and the whole game is collected in one screen, and on some machines a second one with the bonus rounds and additional winnings begins to appear.

And since the advent and development of online casinos during the Internet boom at the end of the 20th century, their variety and quality has been constantly improving.

New symbols, sounds, characters and earning opportunities are added. It is not by chance that most online casinos have the most number of slots.

In the beginning, the mechanics of online and physical slots were the same, with the same symbols, the same betting methods and the same number of reels. But with each passing year, more and more slot game manufacturers appear on the gambling industry market, thanks to which the design and functions of the game are constantly improved to make it more interesting and attract more players.

Вече не се е налагало играчите да дърпат дръжка, за да завъртят барабана със символите. Всичко се случвало с помощта на един бутон. Следваща стъпка е появата на видео ротативките и цялата игра се събира в един екран, а при някои машини започва да се появява и втори такъв с бонус рундовете и допълнителните печалби.

А след навлизането и развитието на онлайн казината по време на бумът на Интернет в края на и век, тяхното разнообразие и качество се подобрява постоянно. Добавят се нови символи, звуци, герои и възможности за печалба. Неслучайно в повечето онлайн казина ротативките са най-много на брой.

В началото механизмът на действие на онлайн и физическите ротативки е бил един и същ, с еднакви символи, еднакви начини за залагане и еднакъв брой барабани. Но с всяка изминала година на пазара на хазартната индустрия се появяват все повече производители на слот игри, благодарение на които дизайнът и функциите на играта постоянно се усъвършенстват, за да става по-интересна и да привлича повече играчи.

Although there are thousands of different slots, they are based on the same principle of operation represented by several of the most popular slot games. The principle of operation is the same as in 20 Super Hot, but the greater number of lines makes the possibility of winning much greater.

It is for this reason that the slot game enjoys so many fans. The game features the scatter symbols for free extra spins and the wild, which replaces all missing fruits on the row.

The goal is to hit as many matching symbols as possible, the more you get, the bigger your prize will be. Before betting real money, however, it's a good idea to be fully aware of the rules;. The minimum bet in 20 Super Hot is smaller, making the game more suitable for beginners, compared to 40 Super Hot.

Here the symbols wild the number 7 and scatter star are also present, and the rest of the fruits and the whole mechanism of action are also the same as in the above-mentioned slot machine. The "gamble" option is available for risk-lovers, as through it you can double your profit, but also lose everything.

And in the bonus level "Jackpot Mystery" you can know the color of the cards, which will bring you more prizes. The game offers many advantages to take advantage of once you get to know its mechanics in detail;.

If you're a fan of slots that immerse you in a certain plot and offer an authentic atmosphere, then Book of Ra and Rise of Ra are the right Egyptian-themed slots for you.

The main advantage of this slot machine is the possibility of multiple free spins, thanks to which you can further increase your winnings. Book of Ra has 10 lines and Rise of Ra has Pyramid casino games are very exciting and popular, and Aztec Gold is similar, only based on the history of the ancient Aztecs;.

It has 5 lines, but its main advantage is that it offers not one, but two scatter symbols, and the wild symbol can replace the fruits on the whole row if you are lucky enough to have it appear! The constant improvement of the reels has also led to the appearance of 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels, offering an even greater chance of winnings!

After slots, poker is the most popular game in both online and land-based casinos. You already know that Charles Fay's card spinner was actually based on the principle of poker, so it can also be considered the basis of its appearance.

The explanation is simple - the mechanism is hidden behind the screen, the reels are not visible to the naked eye, and people thought it was a scam. William Sy Redd is considered the father of video poker, and after his quick actions and contracts in , the first video poker machine is now available!

It is called Draw Poker and is owned by IGT International Game Technology , which is one of the leaders in the field to this day. Players quickly overcame their prejudices and became addicted to the game of video poker, as it is much more diverse than previous slots, and the chances of winning are many times greater.

In addition, the game can be played anywhere, which helped to popularize it more quickly and led to the appearance of the first online video poker in , developed by Microgaming. Today, there is hardly a person who has not at least once played poker on their smartphone or computer.

Video poker is suitable for beginners and intermediates, as professional players often use bluffing tactics that they cannot implement with the machines. The advantages of online poker are the ease of organizing tournaments, the freedom to play from the comfort of your own home and to choose from multiple varieties, stakes and rooms.

За баща на видео покера се смята Уилям Сай Ред, като след бързите му действия и договори през г. първата видео покер машина вече е налице! Тя се нарича Draw Poker и е собственост на IGT International Game Technology , които са един от лидерите в сферата и до днес. Играчите бързо преодолели своите предразсъдъци и се пристрастили към играта на видео покер, тъй като е много по-разнообразна от досегашните ротативки, а шансовете за печалба са в пъти по-големи.

Освен това играта може да се играе навсякъде, което помогнало за по-бързото ѝ популяризиране и довело до появата на първия онлайн видео покер през г. Днес надали има човек, който поне веднъж не е играл на покер на своя смартфон или компютър. Видео покерът е подходящ за начинаещи и средно напреднали, тъй като професионалните играчи често използват тактика за блъфиране, която няма как да приложат при машините.

Предимствата на онлайн покера са по-лесното организиране на турнири, свободата да играете от уюта на собствения си дом и да избирате между множество разновидности, залози и стаи. Like video poker, the rules of standard physical poker are similar.

It's one of the most popular games in the world and can be played anywhere, and there are countless free apps and demos on the internet where you can gain experience and build a working strategy before moving on to the next step - implementation on real money bets.

The advantage of playing face-to-face poker is that you can bluff. Tournaments are constantly being organized at the local or global level as interest in this game is growing exponentially. So are the bets. It is good to be aware of the winning combinations so that you do not lose a possible profit due to ignorance.

The main ones are the following:. Straight — This is called when all five of your cards are of the same suit; Flush — When the five cards you have are in a row, it is called a Flush; Straight Flush — A winning hand is five consecutive cards of the same suit; Full house — A hand of a pair and three of a kind; Royal Flush - 10, J, Q, K, A of a suit form the strongest hand in poker - the Royal Flush!

Добре е да бъдете наясно с печелившите комбинации, за да не загубите евентуална печалба поради незнание. Основните от тях са следните:. Bingo is one of the most traditional and timeless games. Although according to the film industry, it is mainly popular among older people, this is far from the case!

Online bingo is extremely interesting and varied, and the best part is that you don't need any training or special knowledge. Just pick 15 of the 90 numbers or a pre-filled virtual ticket and hope that luck is on your side!

You can fill in one or more cards with numbers to increase your chance of winning. Online bingo is convenient because it automatically checks if you have guessed any of the numbers drawn, rather than having to keep track of all the cards at the same time as you miss out on hearing what the next number drawn is.

Keno is an interesting and increasingly popular casino game that can be enjoyed both online and in a physical casino. It is believed to have originated in Ancient China and was such a profitable tool that keno winnings helped build the Great Wall of China!

Like lotto, bingo and lottery tickets, this game requires you to guess up to 10 online and 20 in a land-based casino from 80 numbers that are shuffled in a sphere. There are different types of strategies, bets and winning combinations that you can familiarize yourself with in advance in the free demo versions to gain experience and insight into the game.

Only then start betting real money! Кено представлява интересна и все по-популярна казино игра, на която може да се насладите както онлайн, така и във физическа игрална зала.

Смята се, че произхожда от Древен Китай и е била толкова печеливш инструмент, че с помощта на спечелените от кено суми се е подпомогнал строежът на Великата Китайска Стена! Подобно на тотото, бингото и лотарийните билети, и при тази игра трябва да познаете до 10 при онлайн и 20 във физическо казино от 80 числа, които се разбъркват в сфера.

Съществуват различни видове стратегии, залози и печеливши комбинации, с които може да се запознаете предварително в безплатните демо версии, за да придобиете опит и представа за играта.

Едва след това започнете да залагате истински пари! The advantages of the free online slots that we at Kazino Igri offer on our site are numerous.

We have a wide selection of different slot games, and you can easily try each of them to find your favorite game, without having to invest real money!

Of course, you won't be able to make any winnings either, but this way you'll gain experience, understand how the games work, and build a strategy that will eventually bring you some! You will find out exactly how bets are made, how many lines you prefer to play on, which symbol means what and all the other details and subtleties that are essential to the size of the prize.

Moreover, you can enjoy the gambling feeling from the most convenient place for you at home, so that your comfort is guaranteed. And all you need to get started is a smartphone, computer or tablet and an internet connection. You can safely trust the expertise that we, at Kazino Igri, have in the field of gambling while you play our various slots with crystal clear picture and sound, high quality animations and the incredible gambling feeling of unpredictability and adrenaline!

And all this is completely free! On the Kazino Igri site, you can quickly and easily choose your favorite slot and play it for free anywhere, anytime and on any device you have. Whether you like fruit, pyramid, 20 or 40 line slot games, with an interesting and engaging story, or you are looking for the right theme for you, here you will find the most popular offers for each type to try out.

Since we also offer demo versions, you can safely play each of them, and when you feel ready enough to start winning, press the "Play for real money" button, then you will be transferred to one of the most famous and time-proven online casinos in the gambling sphere — bet, Winbet, Palm's Bet, etc.

All of them also offer good initial bonuses, which it is good to familiarize yourself with in advance and choose the most profitable option for you. The next step is to apply what you've learned to the free versions of your chosen game on our site and make real profits!

Skip to content. Play free casino games online. popular games. Show all. For gambling lovers, 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels is here to bring extra fun with another added drum to spin Casino games have long been a fun way to make extra money.

Rotary games are very easy and affordable Book of Ra. If you want to take your first steps in the field and feel the adrenaline and unpredictability of gambling, Rise of Ra. Online casino games are becoming more and more popular, as they provide the same incomparable feeling Gambling is a common pastime with which you can make money.

The 40 Super Hot slot game has become the Dice of Ra. Dice of Ra is an attractive and mysterious dice slot with the spirit of Ancient Egypt. The slot machine Crazy Bugs II. Aztec Gold. Due to their interactive nature, slots continue to be among the most preferred methods of raising adrenaline Flaming Hot Extreme.

It is no coincidence that online casino games are becoming increasingly popular among gamblers. The feeling Gambling has never been closer to you. Online casino games are designed with the idea that you can gamble Sizzling Hot. Slots and slot games are that part of the world of casino adventure that relies entirely on the luck TOP CASINOS.

new games. Phoenix Star. Ramses Book. Crystal Ball. The Wicked Dead. Wolf Gold. Neue Spiele. Cluster Slide. The Asp of Cleopatra. Super 12 Stars. Mystic Lady.

Flamingo Paradise. Diamond Cascade. Queen Cleopatra. Ultra Hold and Spin. Sweet Bonanza Xmas. Santas Wonderland. Madame Destiny Megaways. John Hunter The Quest for Bermuda Riches. Gold Party. Joker Jewels. Cash Bonanza.

Jolly Fruits. Willkommen bei slots: So viele Spiele, so viel Spaß! Wir tragen Verantwortung und nehmen das ernst slots ist eine Spieleplattform, die allen in Deutschland geltenden Regeln für derartiges Entertainment entspricht. Ein- und Auszahlungen? Machen wir Ihnen ganz einfach!

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