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Trainwreck gambling

trainwreck gambling

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Trainwreck gambling -

Sep 24, 33, That is an absolutely insane amount of money, but I'm also not surprised. I tuned into a gambling stream once and they dump eye-popping amounts of money into each spin.

This is also a reflection of how much money these casinos make off of other people gaming. If they're willing to pay one person that much money for direct advertising, I cannot even begin to imagine what their bottom lines look like.

Hagi Member. Oct 25, 4, most of that is probably stuff he lost and put back into Stake but still what a fucking gross number. Revolver Oshawott Member. Oct 27, Paid by whom? What is the deal here? Nov 23, 2, Madrid. Gotta be real, it's hard to say no to millions for streaming slots Like, i made a mental exercise of what i culd do with 52m and could solve my family's financial problems and live without working anymore and do all the projects i could But wow, millions Yuntu Prophet of Regret Member.

Nov 7, 10, Germany. BarnabyJones said:. DukeBlueBall Banned. Oct 27, 9, Seattle, WA. Health Insurance industry Crypto Industry High Frequency Trading industry Tax Industry Gotcha games Industry Streaming industry? signal Member. Oct 28, 39, LiS Matt Member. Jan 19, 1, That's a lot of viewer gambling losses they got paid a percentage of.

Bane The Fallen. Oct 27, 5, Apathy Member. Oct 25, 11, Also remember how people defended this shit. RockmanBN Visited by Knack - One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 27, Cornfields.

shadowsdarknes Banned. Oct 30, 8, Have we reached the point where these streamers have gone on half asses apology tour's acknowledging the fault in this?

MrNewVegas Member. Oct 27, 10, Lobster Roll said:. shadowsdarknes said:. Oct 30, 3, That's a crazy amount of money. I bet companies made billions exploiting people through dishonest influencers like train. Gambling is an addiction that ruins people's lives. PeskyToaster Member.

Oct 27, 15, The latter is a big issue because it's what baits people into getting into gambling. This dude is kind of an amoral liar and cheat so it's hard to take anything he says as true. Kill3r7 Member. Oct 25, 23, Hagi said:. Train is not the person to expect that from.

He fought tooth and nail against people trying to get gambling off the platform. IIFloodyII Member. Oct 26, 23, Revolver Oshawott said:.

Celestial Descend Member. Aug 15, 2, Holy shit that's a lot of money. idonteven Banned. Oct 27, 2, Ra Rap Genius Moderator. Oct 27, 12, Dark Space. Wouldn't be shocked if Train just barely broke even still. Absolute degen with gambling. Milennia Prophet of Truth - Community Resetter Member. Oct 25, 18, This is more than a lot of celebrities net worth, no shot it's accurate, a lot of funny money going around with this stuff Most of it went into the slots and never came back out guaranteed, it's just the overall winnings and paychecks, house money Stake signed Drake for some stuff and you bet your ass he would take a deal like that long term, and that's fucking Drake.

Bufbaf Don't F5! Oct 25, 12, Hamburg, Germany. The problem isn't how streamers get money from their audience, the problem is that huge, giant assholes get literal millions of money from their audience. We went from "tips for good work" to "straight up millions for being a shitbag", which is the part that annoys me.

No idea how this can be actually challenged though. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really wonder if this will affect genuine regular employment in the future. When kids who grew up with streamers earning tens of thousands a month reach the point in life where they realize "actual" jobs don't even pay close to this, what will happen?

WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! SwampBastard The Fallen. Nov 1, 10, TIL I want to be a streamer. ThatMeanScene The Fallen. Oct 25, 9, Miami, FL. Train and xQc are literally ruining lives because of this. I really wish Twitch had the stones to ban gambling outright but they're probably counting on those streamers' viewers still paying for bits and subs to reach the level of profitability Amazon is demanding.

Remember, very often train and other streamers are playing with house money. There is some loose data out there regarding sub numbers that people can do the math on, but they're more than happy and more than likely to keep pumping into the channels that are ballooning in size.

Folks finding out about how much trainwrecks made will probably do nothing to stop them from continuing to sub. ThatMeanScene said:. Trace Member. Despite such disapproval in the community, many creators continue to fall prey to online gambling. Article continues below this ad. The streamer said that the fault mostly lies on the parents if their children take their credit cards to gamble online.

One industry insider has recently shared a video on X where we can see former Twitch star xQc playing an online game. The streamer seems to be in the same lobby as Trainwreckstv, whose voice we can hear on the video.

At one point, Trainwreckstv says he needs 90 million dollars just to break even. Get instantly notified of the hottest stories via Google! Click on Follow Us and Tap the Blue Star. Trainwreck Slams TwitchCon Decisions Amidst Concern Of Fans Travelling to France with Recent Turmoil.

Gambling has always been a dark yet inseparable aspect of human society. Streamers have gained a lot of money from online gambling only for someone else to lose insane amounts from online betting. Despite so many people hitting the jackpot, tell us how you feel about gambling in the comments below.

Watch this story: Biggest Steamers Who Left Twitch and Switched to YouTube. Written by:. Diptarko Paul. One take at a time. Full Spectrum Services LLP © All Rights Reserved. By Diptarko Paul.

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Win only tips a recent stream, Twitch streamer Trainwreck gambling slammed the platform for its stringent policies trainwreck gambling gambling trainwrfck. The growth of trainwredk streams on Free online slot machines was yambling and marked by significant success, but trainwerck also sparked trainwreck gambling controversy.

Bambling trainwreck gambling Twitch streamers entered into gamblihg partnerships with trainwreck gambling companies, but as the morality and legality of these streams gambping called tfainwreck question, Gamblinh faced gambljng pressure to take action.

In response, the platform announced trainwreck gambling ban trwinwreck "unlicensed" trainwreck gambling trainwrdck in latewhich had been a significant source of complaints and controversy. The changes to Twitch's gambling trainwrrck policies yambling introduced to address unlicensed mattress mack super bowl bet sites offering trainwreck gambling games like slots, trainwreck gambling, and dice, trainwwreck are not regulated by the USA.

Traiwreck enforce this trainwrecck, Twitch specifically targeted popular streamers' preferred trainwreck gambling sites, such as Stake. com, utilized by traknwreck streamers like xQc gamblong Trainwreck.

However, trainwreck gambling nba bets today has also stated that it will continue to monitor and identify additional sites in the future that may violate the updated policy.

RELATED: Petition Calls for Twitch to Ban Gambling Streams. Twitch's ban on gambling streams caused quite a stir in the streaming community, particularly among gambling streamers.

One of the most prominent streamers, Trainwreck, was so unhappy with the decision that he decided to leave the platform and move to a new one called Kick. In a recent broadcast, Trainwreck demonstrated the hypocrisy of the ban by showing his viewers multiple streams that were still up on Twitch, openly playing slots and virtual casino games.

Despite Twitch's new policy, these streams were attracting a large audience, with around 20, concurrent viewers at the time of Trainwreck's broadcast. Trainwreck expressed his disbelief that he was targeted while these other streams were allowed to continue, and claimed that he was the only one who was gambling in a responsible and transparent manner.

According to Trainwreck, he always warned his viewers about the inherent risks of gambling and emphasized the reality that they were likely to lose more often than they would win. This demonstrates that despite Twitch's strict ban policies, both Slots and Virtual Casino streaming categories persist and are likely to persist for some time.

This may be due to the platform's delayed response to the issue, which has allowed a significant community to form and grow in this gray area, and despite wanting to ban these gambling streams, Twitch fears losing a substantial number of viewers.

Whatever the case, it will be intriguing to observe how Twitch addresses this dilemma in the future, as prominent Twitch streamers have already started highlighting the platform's inconsistent standards.

MORE: The Biggest Twitch Gambling Stream Controversies to Date. Source: Trainwreck - Twitch. RELATED: Petition Calls for Twitch to Ban Gambling Streams Twitch's ban on gambling streams caused quite a stir in the streaming community, particularly among gambling streamers.

: Trainwreck gambling

Trainwreck Criticizes Twitch Over Gambling Ban Policies Bufbaf Don't F5! But wow, millions Quick Jump Gaming Forum Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Forum EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Latest threads Watched threads. Qwark said:. PeskyToaster Member. Oct 25, 4, Canada.
The Hard Truth About Trainwreck's $8.75m Twitch Slots Win Niknam in He, along with an unseen companion, immediately begin flipping out over the win, which netted what would be for any normal person a life-changing amount of money. Many popular Twitch streamers entered into lucrative partnerships with gambling companies, but as the morality and legality of these streams were called into question, Twitch faced mounting pressure to take action. FTF Member. It's just utterly baffling. This means that sites like Stake, Rollbit, and Duelbits, which had contracts with many streamers, are no longer allowed on the platform.
Trainwreckstv - Wikipedia Oct 25, 4, Biosnake Member. Source: Trainwreck - Twitch. Lots of kids today will straight up tell you that they want to be social media influencers, Twitch streamers, or get famous on Youtube. The streamer seems to be in the same lobby as Trainwreckstv, whose voice we can hear on the video. Niknam and other gambling streamers on Twitch were criticized due both the illegality of online gambling and the harmful influence that they may have on underage viewers.
trainwreck gambling Trainweck even his own ganbling have become betting exchange sites bit concerned with just how much Trainwrecks trainreck been losing while doing his gambling streams. Trainwrecks started as a gaming streamer that trainwreck gambling to gamblinb the boundaries gambking it came to his commentary and jokes. But as Just Chatting started taking off, Trainwrecks started using his platform to connect with his audience through motivational speeches and humorous skits. His outspoken nature has gotten him in trouble within the streaming community, however, especially when it came to complaining about hot tub streamers. Trainwrecks started gambling quite heavily inthanks to the growth of online crypto casinos sponsoring streamers. com and even moved to Canada to do so.

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