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Betting advice

betting advice

Jim Harbaugh for ncaa odds it in the preseason bstting has won no deposit slot bonus last 20 no deposit slot bonus in the adice, dating back to Category Sports. Enter your email. Canadiens In football however each-way bets are given for tournaments, for a certain club to Win the tournament or at least come in runner-ups or second.


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Betting advice -

Too easy for me, finally those weekends watching games paid up. You were wrong, ma! Bottom line is you need to learn the science of gambling, which also bears the boring name of probabilities.

Professional bettors pick bets carefully and follow their results on a spreadsheet, this is called handicapping. This is necessary to figure out where successful bets are going and what were the variables to find them and to filter out the bad bets and which variables flag them.

What is the winning ratio? You can only see this number after a statistics calculation. And what is the resulting profit during a time frame? Is the risk worth the return? Is the monthly return consistent? Being a professional bettor involves asking lots of questions and finding answers.

Answers that come in the form of numbers that can be improved or reduced. When a professional bettor wins, he immediately withdraws the winnings and then continues on with his initial bankroll, adding up a percentage to his capital but also withdrawing a fixed percentage of winnings.

Now, this guy is smart. In every bet there are people that will lose their money and then there are people that win that money. Betting is a risky business there is no doubt about it and if any online sites or books tell you otherwise close the site and burn that book. A professional bettor goes through every fact and figure that is available to him and only then will he take a decision to place a bet or not.

Understanding the odds presented before you is crucial, a rookie bettor often bets on matches without thinking whether the odds given to him are the best available option or not.

If you bet 10 euros on Charlton and if they manage to win you are sure to get more money than winning the bet with Everton where you risked Euros. It is moments like these where a professional bettor manages to distinguish himself from a rookie.

By now you might know what an odd is and how many types there are, but do you know who sets these odds and how they are calculated? it might be complex at first but the process is more simple that you might think, so simply you as a bettor should be doing it yourself.

The various odds you see for the various matches are set by a person known as an Oddsmaker. An Oddsmaker is someone who studies the games, teams and to some extent the players to set the lines accordingly.

Bookies and Oddmakers are not the same people. The job of a bookie is to adjust the line set by the Oddsmaker to make the bet equal on both sides of the money line, point spread and other sorts of betting odds till the bet is closed.

For an Oddsmaker to set the odds he goes through a complex process of evaluating numerous variables, some of these variables are:. So theoretically they should perform better in the second half of the season against teams they had struggled against in the first half.

Include a sentence of new players like Suarez and those good ones who left. In the world of football or for that fact in any team sport, home support plays an important factor in determining the outcome of the game.

A passionate home crowd is the ideal 12th man to the team. Weather plays an important factor in the game of football.

For example, if the condition is rainy then the defenders are bound to make mistakes thereby providing the attackers a chance to score. Now days you can place a bet live during the game thanks to online betting sites, this way you can wait till the very start of the match to define how weather affects the odds.

Oddsmakers do it and odds do change as events happen before and after the match. There is no better example for this than the current Liverpool team.

Look at how they are struggling after their star striker Daniel Sturridge went out injured. Sometimes a single player can have more impact to the team with his mere presence than his actual performance on the pitch.

A star player returning from injury can greatly boost the morale of the team thereby increasing their performance on the field and the oddsmaker´s odds. These are just a few of the variables that the oddsmaker needs to consider before setting the odds for a particular match.

If no point spread is given most bettors would bet on the favourite Manchester City to win the match and if Manchester does in fact win then the bookies will lose a lot of cash from their hands.

So an oddsmaker sets the odds to level the playing field. The odds can be changed during the course of the match to level the bets on both sides. For example:. The bookie at this time sets a new point spread of 3 goals, so now people placing bets on Hull City will need the team to win or not lose by more than 3 goals for the bet to payoff.

If you have placed a bet for Hull City when the point spread was still at 2 goals then your bet will not be affected by the change in the spread. In fact, you could now place a new bet on the same team and go with Manchester to win by more than 3 goals, this way you hedge your bet.

It depends on who you consider as a professional bettor. Being a professional bettor takes a lot of hard work. A pro bettor goes through lots of data available to him before deciding on whether the bet before him is the best offer out there or not.

A is relatively new to the betting scene so he decides to place only 5 bets on the first day. B has been in the betting seen for decades now, so decides to mock bettor A and place 14 bets for the day.

So bettor A has the last laugh right? After all, he did have a better win percentage than the cocky bettor B. Not bad, eh? Even though bettor A managed a better win percentage, it was ultimately bettor B that made more profit by the end of the day.

This is exactly what happens in the betting scene. As stated before, being a successful bettor is hard work and when the number of bets increase, the work you have to do also increases. A professional bettor places more bets than the average rookie, but he risks lesser amount on each bet while the rookie usually risks a lot on only one or two bets.

Spreading your bankroll among a number of bets is the key to being a successful online bettor. Calculating odds is always a headache for the new bettor, but it is easier than it looks with a simple math that can be performed in excel or a calculator.

How to work out Accumulator Odds is no different from a single bet, o just have to multiply together the odds from each individual selection to figure out the payout.

Here are the calculations:. There are many accumulator odds calculators online to figure out your payout or odds.

We like using the one on OddsChecker. But there really is no need if you have a sportsbook´s account open, you can just select bets on the betting slip and the possible payout will be calculated almost immediately.

It is important to check for value on each selection before taking an accumulator bet, you do not want to take one just because you are feeling lucky. Make each one count. This is the downside of Accumulator bets, the risk goes up with the increasing number of selections, but the payout increases.

In the example above if Liverpool had not won against United you would have lost your £2. Best used in horseracing or other race sports, were the contestants come in first, second or lower. In horseracing, an each-way bet would be betting on a horse to Win or come in Place second.

In football however each-way bets are given for tournaments, for a certain club to Win the tournament or at least come in runner-ups or second. If Manchester City wins the Premier League we win 12 x £ In case Manchester City comes in the second we win 3 x £ Each-Way betting accumulators in football are not common, you would need to bet on several different league winners or first match scorer´s from several games to organize an accumulator in this sport.

These are more common in horseracing, as many races happen during the same day allowing you to select the possible winner or place holders for each race. An accumulator bet is a bet that combines many different bets into a single selection, thus increasing the payout odds but also the risk.

A bet becomes an accumulator when more than 2 bets are taken in a single betting slip, although the 2x bet is referred to as a double and a 3x as a Trixie. From there on bettors refer to them as accumulators with different exotic named like the ones mentioned on our Accumulator Betting Systems section.

KEEP IN MIND: Accumulators lose when one of your selections fails to win. So the chances of getting one right are slim when you have more than 4 selections. For ridiculously long accumulators, like a 10x, make the wager as small as £5.

Take opposite single bets with another sportsbook to hedge a little in case of losing. Use a reversed martingale technique with your accumulators: Win a single, wind a double, win a Trixie and so on until the accumulator fails. Once it does start over again.

This technique ensures you only increase the risk with the initial small stake size while exponentially increasing your possible payout. Make sure to take out some winnings after each bet to secure profits. The £ It is very effective and we are keeping close tabs on its performance for future reference.

Content Usage: Photos and videos featured on this post are used under a creative commons license, free to use and edit — Wikipedia Commons www.

org and Youtube permission to feature under its TOS. Betting Advice and Tips Money Management and Creation of a Book The most important responsibility as a sports bettor is to decide how much money you want to keep aside for betting on sports.

Set Your Risk Appetite and Understand Your Goals No one likes losing money but betting involves the risk of that. Maintain a Record of Your Bets and Review Them Periodically Old school is the new school.

Do Not Mix Emotions With Betting Bet with your head and not your heart. Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy The biggest mistake one could make is trying to recover losses through betting. How to Become a Pro Bettor This is a point by point list of useful tips that can turn you from a rookie bettor to a professional bettor.

Love Your Money!!! Betting Bankroll Management This is the one thing that most betting pundits will tell you as the key to have good online sports betting career — Love your money, take good care of it.

Do I Need to Be a Football Pundit Expert to Bet? With Football, always expect the unexpected!!! Never, and I Mean Never Get Addicted to Betting Like drugs and Alcohol, betting addiction can leave you penniless and in misery.

Good luck bettors! May the force be with you. Do you know why sportsbooks always have the last laugh? Do you want to know what rate of success professional bettor have? Does this still feel like a losing day? Do I need to learn statistics and probability to become a professional bettor?

Valencia won that game on their home stadium. Value betting the Soccer Widow way The Soccer Widow is a site focused on teaching Value Betting to its readers. How to be successful at betting without experience Pro bettors will tell from personal experience that you will actually lose money at the beginning before making it.

The guys over at FreeBetting. com have been doing tips and previews for football matches for as long as we can remember. They cover a broad range of big-league matches for leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

Consider an Everton vs Charlton match. Which is the better bet? But what if you bet on Charlton? If they will be playing this game with only a two days break from the previous match, which could leave them tired and give Charlton a chance.

No need to Google for the answer, it might be complex at first but the process is more simple that you might think, so simply you as a bettor should be doing it yourself. WHAT DOES A FOOTBALL ODDSMAKER DO? HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE In the world of football or for that fact in any team sport, home support plays an important factor in determining the outcome of the game.

THE WEATHER Weather plays an important factor in the game of football. ARE BETS PLACED BEFORE A POINT SPREAD CHANGE AFFECTED?

This technique is called also called middling. DIVERSIFY YOUR BETS A professional bettor places more bets than the average rookie, but he risks lesser amount on each bet while the rookie usually risks a lot on only one or two bets.

What is an accumulator bet? What are some other factors to consider such as the last game of a long MLB or NBA road trip or arriving in town late and playing an early game? There are so many variables that can push a game one way or the other which is why in-depth handicapping of every game is so important.

Another thing to know is that the best betting tips have years and years of experience behind them. A fast track way to sports betting success so to speak. To have legitimate wins over an extended period you need to put in research.

One of the best reasons to use our free betting picks is simply to save yourself some time and to get valuable insight into how some of the best in the business think about, and research a game.

Our experts analyze everything from trends, injuries, weather, and countless other data points for hours each day to give you the best sports predictions. Another reason that free sports picks are so valuable is because they are indeed, free.

com and enjoy our daily free picks. All of our free picks have a star rating which represents our confidence level, the more stars the more confidence we have in the free pick with three stars being the highest.

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There are seven Wdvice League fixtures being staged on Saturday, with Liverpool hoping hetting move four points clear by securing a win at Nottingham Advie. The penalty and free-kick taking midfielder has been pushed into mozzart jackpot today of a Bbetting. He has bagged four goals no deposit slot bonus the Toffees over the years and looks a top bet at odds against to muster a couple more shots on Saturday. What does look likely is that it is a game that will feature plenty of goals and goalmouth action, with over 3. The second leg is Douglas Luiz to have a shot on target. The Brazilian is having a stunning season with nine goals and averaging 1. Luton meanwhile, average almost seven corners per game, Villa over six corners per away game, so over the corners at 8. betting advice

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